Mr Erlick Pereira

Consultant Neurosurgeon

  • Spinal surgery – back pain, sciatica, disc replacement, minimally invasive keyhole microscopic surgery for slipped discs and trapped nerves and complex instrumented surgery for fractures, trauma, tumour, metastases
  • Spinal injections, radiofrequency denervation and pain procedures
  • Minimally invasive asleep Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, tremor, epilepsy and chronic pain
  • Minimally invasive Spinal Cord Stimulation, Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation, Deep Brain Stimulation and Motor Cortex Stimulation for chronic pain
  • Lesional surgeries for movement disorders and cancer pain – thalamotomy, pallidotomy
  • Vagal nerve stimulation for epilepsy
  • Peripheral nerve surgery – carpal tunnel, ulnar nerve, meralgia paraesthetica
  • Hydrocephalus, endoscopic third ventriculostomy, shunts, Chiari maformation, syringomyelia
  • Brain trauma, cranioplasty, stroke
  • Brain lesions – meningiomas, cavernomas, AVMs, aneurysms


About Mr Pereira

The London Clinic on Harley Street – for non-NHS patients. Centre for Movement Disorders. Centre for Neuromodulation.

The London Spine Clinic on Harley Street – for non-NHS patients

I Want Great Care  – patient feedback

Specialistinfo – for GPs and referrers

St George’s Hospital, London – for NHS patients

St George’s, University of London – research group and lab

Orcid – academic publications listed by date

Google Scholar – academic publications listed by citation

Linkedin – business contacts

About some of the conditions Mr Pereira treats

British Assocation of Spinal Surgeons – information about spinal conditions for patients

BackCare – information for people with back or leg pain

British Pain Society – information for people with chronic pain

Parkinson’s UK – information on deep brain stimulation (DBS) for patients

Dystonia Society – information on DBS for patients

National Tremor Foundation – information on DBS for patients

Epilepsy Society – information on DBS for patients

Burning nights – information on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Health insurers for privately insured patients

Aviva – member 600104197

AXA PPP – member 06128164

BUPA – member 06128164 – I have stopped being fee assured since June 2020

Cigna – member 208990

Healix – member NEUPERE000

Vitality – member 06128164

WPA – member 920762150